Discount  Tax  Service
"Quality Tax Preparation
at a Fair Price!"
Tax Preparers & Staff
Miguel Avalos is the senior tax preparer at Discount Tax
Service.  Over the last ten years, he has prepared
thousands of individual tax returns.  
Miguel is fluent in both English and Spanish and helps
non-English speakers properly fulfill their tax obligations.

Gary North also prepares individual tax returns but
specializes in business and corporate returns.  Gary's
speciality is dealing with taxpayers who have not filed tax
returns for several years.  For those taxpayers who are
behind on their tax obligations, Gary works with them to
get the returns current, and then explore ways to find a
workable payment plan.  We can't make it go away, but
we can help.

Bryon Thorson joined Discount Tax Service in January
2016.  Bryon also worked in one of the national chain
offices yet grew disappointed with their inability to focus
on complete customer satisfaction.  Bryon brings his
experience preparing personal tax returns to the office
and Miguel and Gary are excited to be working with a
new associate.

Norma Castro runs the front office at Discount Tax
Service and assists our Spanish speaking clients.